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Why Turkey should be the next travel destination for Indian Travellers?

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When you travel, you try to explore places that are distinct and popular. Isn’t it? Turkey is one such place which is famous for its geographical location because it is spread across the two continents, Eastern Europe and Western Asia. If you plan to visit the country soon, then some major attraction for you will be beautiful landscapes, learning historical facts, and trying delicious food. The best time to visit the country is from April to May and September to Mid November.

How much does a flight ticket to Turkey cost?

Traveling to Turkey is not a very expensive affair. One way flight tickets to Turkey will cost you approximately Rs.34,000/- if you plan early in November. For next year in April, then you may get lower prices also.

Do you need a Visa From India?

Being an India, if you plan to visit Turkey, you need to obtain an electronic visa (e-visa). This visa will be valid for 90 days and the processing time for the same will be 3 working days.

Things to do/Places to See/Food to try – When you are in Turkey

Here is a list of things you can do that may help you to plan conveniently for Turkey.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools: Famous across the globe, Pamukkale Thermal Pools is a very captivating sight. It is a white calcareous landscape formed by thermal springs. It is made of limestone that causes calcium deposits taking different shapes of potholes. The blue sky abobe it gives an eye-catching view for you. Bathing in this has the capacity to heal skin ailments like eye-problems,skin diseases, rheumatism, asthma, and other.

Visit Archaeological Sites: Turkey has remarkable archaeological sites like palaces in Istanbul and mosques to Ephesus to the underground cities of Cappadocia. These are the sites that defines glory and cultural belief of people.

Picture Credit: Awara Diaries

Go for Turkish Baths: Quite a natural way to relax, the Turkish bath will be a simple way to scrub, wash and massage in a cloud of soap. Cemberlitas Hamami is one of the unique cultural signature of Turkey. It is an age-old bathhouse and a must visit place. Try to be there in the morning so that you can book a bath for yourself.

Spectacular Beaches: Do not miss the beauty of the beaches when in Turkey. Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, and Fethiye are some of the beautiful beaches in Turkey. The water is clean so you can get to explore a lot.

Adventure Activities in Turkey: Other than the food, shopping, baths and beaches, Turkey is also famous for its adventures. Tourists get attracted to the country for its adventure like:

  1. Cycling along the South-West Coast and its hinterland, between the riverbank of Dalyan and fishing village of Kas, is the prime attraction for Tourists.
  2. Climbing Mt. Ararat which is 17000 ft tall and is a glacier-clad volcanic mountain is another attraction for tourists.
  3. Kite Surfing in Alacati is a well-preserved Greek village. Other than this, it is an ideal place for exhilarating activities windsurfing and paragliding.
  4. Diving in the clear water of Kas which you will remember for your life. You can explore underwater rock formations, caves and freshwater springs, and marine life of parrot and damselfish.
  5. Mountain Biking in the remote Lake District.
  6. Make sure you buy Travel Insurance Online before you leave for Turkey or engage yourself in any adventure activities. It will be your savior to prevent high financial expenses that tax your pocket. You may incur these expenses to seek medical assistance if you are injured during any of your adventure activities.

Cappadocia for Balloon Ride: The surreal site of Cappadocia has rocky mountains. It is now home to many refugees, pilgrims, and monasteries. Still, you can have a tour to this holy land and enjoy the early morning balloon ride over the valley.

Picture Credit: Awara Diaries

Amazing Food: You will get tasty kebabs and baklava along with a variety of seafood and meze. A whole world of desserts, Ottoman Classics, vegetable dishes, and huge breakfast spreads are set for you to taste. Sis (shish) kebab is Turkey’s popular dish made of fish, grilled vegetables and meat.

Great Food Shopping: The open-air markets to bazaars in Turkey gives you food shopping opportunities. The best part is you can buy fresh produce and spices from there. You can get the authentic food items.

Picture Credit: Awara Diaries

Attend the very famous Dervish Show: It is a worldwide famous whirling Dervish show which you must attend. Early Sufi-Dervishes developed this practice and now these shows are organized throughout the country. It will be kind of a mystical-religious experience.

Things you must carry when traveling to Turkey

You do not want to miss any essentials when you are planning to travel to Turkey. “Jab Baat Ek chutti or Masti ki ho tab Kuch baaki rehna Nahi chahiye taki mazaa kharaab ho Jaye.” So, here is a list of things you should pack

  • Air Tickets both to and fro.
  • Hotel Reservation/Booking confirmation.
  • Your valid passport and visa.
  • Clothes after you check the season there. Also, like other countries, there is decorum of wearing clothes like ladies should wear full-lengths in public. Make sure you pack accordingly.
  • Gadgets like mobile charger, headphones, camera and batteries, power bank.
  • Enough money and cash/cards.
  • Toiletries for daily use and sunscreen.
  • Mini-flashlight and headlamps.
  • Medicines for emergency and your daily use.
  • Travel Insurance Policy.

Is it mandatory to buy Travel Insurance for Turkey?

Yes, it is a travel insurance for Turkey mandatory requirement for all Indian citizens. It should be procured even before you apply for a visa application But you should know how will it help you and when?

A Travel Insurance for Turkey is essential as it will help you if you need any medical assistance or emergency medical evacuation. The cost of medical treatment is high which you may not be able to afford. Having a Travel Insurance policy in the first place is very essential. Other than this, it pays for you for the cost of cancellation of hotel/flight bookings in case you are not able to continue or start your trip. There can be circumstances where you can lose your baggage, passport, and even money. Even in such a situation, your travel insurance policy will be your savior

Things to be aware of when traveling to Turkey

When you are a guest to a country then it becomes your responsibility to not hurt the emotions or damage any foreign property. You should be aware of things like:

  1. Valid visa requirements.
  2. The situation between Syria and Turkey because of the recent past that has been disturbed.
  3. Avoid any scams or do not build a situation that may build a scam.
  4. Wear clothes as per the culture of the country. Ladies should mind their clothing.
  5. Don’t just eat or drink anywhere. Find a good hotel or restaurant to sit, eat and relax.
  6. You should have plenty of cash.
  7. Don’t make dirt around the tourist places.

Popular Scams in Turkey you should be aware of

Safety is the most important thing when you are in Turkey. You should be aware of the popular scams that take place or happen in Turkey.

Drinking bar scam: Bar owner, girls, bar girls, and even police officers might be involved in such a scam. The stranger might come to you and ask for some direction. If you answer they can ask or offer you to drink together. Do not accept the offer as many strangers would soon join and then you will be forced to pay. Places you should beware include Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, and Van.

Fraudulent Tour Operators: Some tour operators might say that they have brand collaborations with reputed airlines. They will then sell you an overpriced tour of low quality or can even pursue you for the non-existent tour.

: Always working in a gang, one will block and another one will push. Then they engage you and grab you and then takes place the final loot. After it, everyone will just escape in a few seconds.

Unofficial Guides in Turkey: These guides will offer you help over expensive guides. But later they will overcharge you for the tickets and offer you a low-quality tour. They might also take you to some local shops where they have their share of earnings.

Horse carriage scam: A horse carriage ride is expensive and they will take you to places where they receive heavy commissions.

Don’t fall victim to any of such scams or you will ruin your trip. Be alert and cautious before any mishap happens.

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