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Dave Evans once said every time we love and give is Christmas, and guess what, we are several days from Christmas, what better time to give and be given, that’s why I have created this in-depth gift guide for writer’s, this gift guide can be used to shop for the writer in your life or as a good source of gift ideas for your self this seasoning and beyond.

(Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase any of these gifts mentioned below for that special writer, after clicking on any of the links below, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you, these commissions go into the funding of this blog and creating amazing articles just for you, for more enquiry, take a look at my Disclosure page)

Welcome To My Ultimate Writer’s Christmas Gift Guide

The First Gift Idea On My List Are BOOKS

If you want to learn how to build a house, you have to learn from people that have built houses in the past, that’s why I think writing craft books are of one of the greatest gifts for a writer this season to sharpen their minds about the writing craft. There are a tonne of writing craft books, I recommend, but I will share with you the most important ones here, The first book is;

1. On Writing A Memoir Of The Craft By Best-Selling Author Stephen king

It’s part memoir part master class by best selling author Stephen King. It gives you a practical view of the writing craft, It shows how one of the greatest writers in history was formed. It’s full of funny banter and writing tips that will turn the thinking switch in a writer’s head-on.

2. Save The Cat Writes A Novel By Jessica Brody

This book shows you an in-depth story structure for writing novels, the framework is similar to the screenwriting methodology in save the cat on screenwriting by Blake Snyder.

3. Save The Cat On Screenwriting

I recommend this book even if It’s for screenwriting because the same guide in this book can also be used in writing novels

4. Five Secrets Of Story Structure By k. M Weiland

This book shows you how to use the three act story structure to build a story with the greatest possible impact on your readers and the good news is it’s free so if you’re thinking of one of the books to get this is a great book.

5. The Indie Author Mindset By Adam Croft

This book is for every writer that chooses the indie publishing path for their books, It will change your thinking about your writing career.

The Indie Author Mindset: How changing your way of thinking can transform  your writing career: Croft, Adam L: 9781912599042: Books

6. Elements Of Style By William Strunk

I love this book so much, It was also recommended by Stephen King and I like the fact that it’s very little but has so much to offer, It gives you all the nitty-gritty details, no fluff insight.

7. The Emotional Thesaurus By Angela Ackerman (& All The Book In Its Series)

If you want to learn how to write emotions this book is for you and I recommend getting all the books in the series.

8. Writing Fiction For Dummies By Randall Ingermanson & Peter Economy

This is another book that gives you all the details when it comes to writing fiction from start to finish, It’s worth your money! Writing Fiction For Dummies (9780470530702): Ingermanson,  Randy, Economy, Peter: Books

9. Bird By Bird By Ann Lamott

This book is a witty and fun read that will leave you provocative about your writing while entertained at the same time, Anne Lamott shares some writing advice and talks about her life. It is a very helpful book If you are looking for some bitter truths about the writing life.

The Next Gift idea On My List Are WRITING TOOLS

Writing tools are essentials that writers need to survive the tides of writing, some are of magnificent help while some help to enjoy the craft.

1.Writing Desk

When people think of gifts for writer’s, a desk doesn’t come to mind, but it is of great importance to a writer. I can remember when I didn’t have a desk to write, It was such a pain to deal with it.

2. Laptop Stand

When writers write, they always crouch down and that is not very good for their backs. Having a laptop stand elevates their laptop and prevents them from straining their back.

3. Writer’s Gift Basket

I don’t know if there’s a service that provides this but you could always put one together with my help of course, here are all the valuables I recommend for a writer’s gift basket, there are so many items so you don’t have to put all of them, you can decide to put some of this or not.

Fuzzy pants keep us comfortable because we stay at home (indoors) most times.

These are for people that stay in cold places and gets cold fingers as they type.

You can get a gift card for their local bookshops

Other Writing Tools

Some writers like to listen to music while they write, myself included, noise-cancelling headphones are great for removing background noise or loud noises that can distract us while writing.

As you all know most writers like coffee, so getting coffee packs is a great idea but when buying coffee packs you should know the coffee brand that they use, you may have to do a little bit of snooping around so you can get one for them.

This is for people who like to write on the go, personally, i’m not very mobile but If the writer in your life likes that, a laptop bag is a great idea to help them pack and be on their way.

  • Pay for Their Book Cover Design

Book cover design can be pricey, so just offering to pay for their book cover design is one of the greatest gifts you can actually do for them.

We are always stressing out about our books and sometimes we forget to take care of our skin, and buying a skincare package is part of self-care for the writer in your life.

  • Get A Ticket For A Writer’s Conference

This is a bit pricey but If the writer in your life is a significant other, It would mean the world to them, if you know a writers conference or a writing workshop they have always wanted to attend, get a ticket for them and surprise them that would make a perfect Christmas gift.

  • Pay For Their Professional Editing

Writing Softwares And Subscriptions

There are so many good writing softwares and It can get overwhelming just looking for the perfect fit, so i’m going to share with you a few;

  • Grammarly is writing software that checks your grammar and makes your writing error-free.
  • Pro writing aid is a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor all in one package, getting the premium version is great because It gives you access to all the great features. The premium version cost $24 for a month, $89 for a yearly subscription and $499 dollars lifetime subscription.
  • Scrivener is beginner-friendly and that’s why I think this is a good software to get, scrivener is a word processing software and outliner designed for writing your book, It helps you stay organized and has easy access, the premium version costs $49 for the mac book version, $45 for windows and $19 for the ios version.
  • Writing to speaking software, so personally, I haven’t actually used this but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it from some amazing writers I know.
  • Campfire pro is a writing software designed mainly for novelist and screenwriters, It helps you complete your character design, plots and world-building all in one place, It costs $49.99 for a one-time purchase.
  • Masterclass subscription; masterclass offers online classes created by the best instructors in each field and there are so many great creative writing masterclasses but this is a bit pricey. I recommend Margaret Atwood’s creative writing master class, each subscription costs $180 and this gives you unlimited access to all classes until you cancel, you can also gift yourself a pass for a single class which costs $90 dollars and right now the master class is offering a holiday package which is two masterclasses for the price of one, which is actually a good steal, so if you’re getting masterclass I recommend you get it now before the holidays are over.
  • Scribophile is a very good place to get critical feedback, you can get access to beta readers and good feedback from amazing writers and also learn how to get published. It also has a very warm and friendly community, the premium version costs $9 monthly and $65 annually.
  • Skillshare is an online learning platform where you can learn anything taught by the world’s best practitioners, the premium version costs $19 monthly and $99 annually.
  • Scribbler is a subscription box for novelists that contains teaching tools from best-selling authors such as 9creative writing gifts, autographed novels and you also get access to live chat from publishing pros and so many others. It costs with $29.99 monthly, $84.99 for three months, $164.99 for six months and $329.99 annually.

So just a quick wrap I recommended writing craft books, writing tools, writing software and subscriptions. This is the end of my ultimate writer’s Christmas gift guide, all the writing gifts to get for the writer in your life this Christmas and even after Christmas or just whenever you feel like, It doesn’t have to be Christmas alone you can always come back and check for gifts that you think will suit the writer in your life.

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