Shiv Mandir Selaqui Dehradun

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Shiv Temple Selaqui Dehradun
Shiv Temple Selaqui Dehradun

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand has lots of very famous temples in every corner of
the state. There is a very famous local temple of God Shiva is situated in
Selaqui of Dehradun. The Shiv Mandir Selaqui in Dehradun is very popular in the
Selaqui area.

Lord Shiva temple of Selaqui is very beautiful and has sufficient space
for all activities. It is the very big temple of Lord Shiva in the Selaqui
area. There are lots of other God and Goddess idols also situated inside the
Shiv temple-like Maa Durga, Ram Darbar, Hanuman Ji, etc.

The main attraction of this temple is a very huge and beautiful idol of
Lord Shiva is about 15 feet in height. Devotees can see this idol of Lord
Shiva from the far distance in Selaqui. Daily in the morning and evening there
Lord Shiva and other God-Goddess Aarti are organizing in which lots of local
devotees participate actively.

Selaqui is the industrial area of the Dehradun where lots of industries
of pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, chemical, footwear, and mechanical companies
are situated. Selaqui Shiv Mandir is situated on the main road of the
Dehradun-Chakrata highway in the main market of Selaqui.

Dehradun’s most popular temples are the Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple which
is situated in Gadhi Cantt. Another most famous temple is the Parkasheswar Mahadev temple is situated on Mussoorie road of Dehradun. But everyone
can’t reach these temples so local devotees prefer to go to local temples in
their area.

History of Shiv Mandir Selaqui

According to local devotees and temple priests, Selaqui Shiv Mandir is
more than 100 years old and very famous in nearby areas. During the Sawan
months, there is a very huge crowd of God Shiva devotees come here to offer
water and milk to Shivling.

Best Time to Visit

God Shiva devotees visit this temple around the year. But during
Mahashivratri and Sawan Months there are very huge devotees who came to visit
this temple. A very long queue of devotees was created during this time to
offering Ganga Jal and water on Shivling.

Devotees can go to this temple any time to get blessed by Lord Shiva but
Shivratri and Sawan Months are the best times to go to any Shiv temple.

Timing of Temple

Shiv Mandir of Selaqui opens daily for devotees in day time closes at
night. The exact timing of temple opening and closing is different according to
the season. According to Shiv Mandir Committee Selaqui, the Shiv temple Selaqui
opening and closing times are given below.

During Summer Season

  • Temple Opening Time in Morning: 05:00 am
  • Temple Closing Time in Night: 10:00 pm
  • The Closing time of Day: 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm

During Winter Season

  • Temple Opening Time in Morning: 05:30 am
  • Temple Closing Time in Night: 09:30 pm
  • The Closing time of Day: 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

Note: During day time, the temple is closed for two hours in summer and three hours in winter in the

Visiting Time duration

Temple is not so big so devotees on normal days can completely visit this
temple in 10 to 15 minutes only. But if they can want to spend some time in the
temple campus they can sit there are lots of space for it.

Facilities at Shiv Temple Selqui

Facilities at Shiv Temple Selaqui Dehradun

Selaqui Shiv temple of Dehradun has lots of facilities for the devotees.
Some of the major facilities are listed below.

  • Temple has a big campus for the devotees that provide space to work
    religious activities calmly and easily.
  • Temple has many benches for sit and relaxes here.
  • The Temple campus is very neat and clean so devotees can sit inside the
    temple campus and read Hanuman Chalisa, Shiv aarti, etc. in the temple.
  • Outside the temple, there is a big space for vehicle parking where
    devotees can park their two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.
  • Outside the temple, there are many sweets and Prasad shops available from
    where devotees can purchase the sweets and Prasad to offer.
  • Temple is 24 hours monitored with CCTV facilities.
  • To keep them safe and arranged there are shoes and footwear racks at the
    entrance gate of the temple.
  • Temple has two entrance gates to manage the crowd during the festivals.

Instructions for Devotees

The Shiv Mandir Committee of Selaqui mentions some instructions for
devotees to maintain the purity and cleanliness of the temple that has to
devotees follow.

  • Don’t spread garbages inside the temple campus. There are dustbins use
  • After drinking alcoholic beverages and eating non-veg food products don’t
    enter inside the temple campus.
  • Don’t harm the plants, trees, and temple property.

How to Reach Shiv Temple Selaqui

How to Reach Shiv Temple Selaqui Dehradun
A huge idol of lord shiva at Shiv temple Selaqui Dehradun

Dehradun Selaqui Shiv Mandir is situated on the main Chakrata road so
reaching this temple is very easy for any devotee from Dehradun. Lots of ISBT
to Vikasnagar city buses run on this route. This temple is located in the main
area of the Selaqui market near the Nagar Panchayat office of Sealqui.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

This is purely a local Shiv temple, we will not recommend that you will
especially come here to visit this temple. If you have come to Selaqui for your
personal and professional purposes and if you have time then you can visit this

Please follow the instructions given in the temple main gate to maintain
temple purity and cleanings.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

From the Selaqui, Jhajra is the
nearest place where some tourist places are available for visitors like Anand Van, Balaji Mandir, Anchalik Vigyan Dham, etc. Anand Van and Vigyan Dhan are
good places for kids and families to visit.

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