Gandhi Park Dehradun

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Gandhi Park is among the most
famous tourist places to visit in Dehradun that should a visitor have to visit.
Gandhi Park is the oldest public park in Dehradun. It is situated at the heart
of Dehradun near Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar) and Paltan Market. Dehradun Gandhi
Park has lots of facilities for every age group of people like kids, young
ones and elderly people.

is now serving as joggers, fitness, and Yoga Park for Doon peoples. There are
lots of swings for the kids to do physical exercise. Park has a sufficient
number of benches for relaxing the elderly people in the park. It is a very
good park for the morning and evening walk for the local area living peoples
who are health conscious and want to fit.

is always crowded with people. Young couples also come here for relaxing and
spending some time with each other.
Gandhi Park is well maintained with green grounds, flowers, and a variety of
shrubs. Due to being centrally located in the Dehradun, it attracts lots of visitors
or tourists around the year. Park is very crowded during the weekend.

the park, the Kargil War memorial soldier statue also established, which is
dedicated to our brave soldiers. Gandhi Park is also a famous destination for
the politicians for the demonstrations and Dharnas in Dehradun.

History of Gandhi Park Dehradun

Parade Ground, Gandhi Park, and Pavilion Ground were the same. Later the parade
ground and then the pavilion ground were separated and the three were developed

Gandhi Park, there is a dedicated white marble board on which mentions the date
of birth and date of martyr of Mahatma Gandhi Ji. This marble was given by the
Shri Aatmaram Gaur to the Shri Keshav Chand in the year 1951. Shri Keshav Chand
was that time commissioner of the Dehradun Municipal Council. So this park is
older than India freedom. It was named Gandhi Park after the death of Gandhi

there was no statute of Gandhi Ji inside the park. Later when the Uttarakhand
state was formed on the 9th November 2000, then just one year later on the 12th
November 2001 Mahatma Gandhi Ji statue unveiled by the Chief  Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Bhagat Singh
Koshiyari in the Gandhi Park of Dehradun. To increase the natural beauty of
Gandhi Park, Gulab Vatika was established in 2001 in the central area of the park.

Park Opening and Closing Timing

Gandhi Park was open for the whole day for the common public from morning 5 am
to evening 7 pm. But due to COVID-19 its opening and closing timings are now

Park Opening timing is

  • Morning
    05:00 am to 09:00 am
  • Evening
    04:00 pm to 06:30 pm

Park closing timing is

  • Park
    is closed in the daytime from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Visiting Time duration

is not so big but sufficient space and facilities available and lots of things
to do here so it purely depends on you how much time you want to spend here.
Almost one to two hours is sufficient for this park.

Entry Fees of Gandhi Park

inside the Gandhi Park of Dehradun is absolutely free. There is no ticket for
entry to Gandhi Park. So anyone either local people or tourists can go inside
the park, visit this beautiful park and can relax here.

is also no monthly pass system for the local people who come here for morning
and evening walks.


Park provides lots of facilities to the local people free of cost. Some of the
major facilities of the park are listed below.

  • Park
    has Yoga Centre for doing Yoga or Meditation.
  • Swings
    for the Kids.
  • Natural
    Gulab Vatika for nature lovers.
  • Benches
    for rest and relaxation here.
  • 100-meter
    rubber jogging path for youngsters.
  • “Open
    Gym” for everyone.
  • Walking
  • Children

Children Park for Kids

Gandhi Park, there is also an amusement park named ‘Children Park’ where
various commercial paid swings available for the kids. Train Ride, Mickey Mouse
Bouncy, Trampoline, Merry-Go-Round, Car/bike ride, Aeroplane ride, etc. are
available for the kids. Gandhi Park’s Children Park is very good and engaging for kids that attract families to come here with kids. 

inside the ‘Children Park’ is not free, there is a ticket price for the entry
inside the Children Park. The ticket Price of Children Park at Gandhi Park is given

  • For
    Every Visitor 20/- per person.
  • Entry
    Free for kids below 5 years of age.

Things to Do in Gandhi Park

are lots of things to do in Gandhi Park for visitors who come here.

  • They
    can come here for a morning walk or evening walk.
  • Exercise
    at ‘open gymnasium’
  • Yoga
    or Meditation at Yoga Center.
  • Enjoying
    with kids at Children Park
  • Sitting
    and relaxing in the natural environment.
  • Jogging
  • Photography
    with friends or family.

Best Time to Visit

can go any time according to your time availability here according to its
opening and closing time. But evening time will be the best time to visit here
if you are just going for visiting this place.

at Paltan, eating tasty snacks at famous restaurants at Rajpur road, and
relaxing at Gandhi Park is a good option for weekends. According to season,
winter and summer both seasons are good for visiting this park.

How to Reach Gandhi Park

Gandhi park is very easy than in other places because it is situated in the
center of Dehradun. Maximum city bus comes here. Auto, Vikram, city buses all
are available here from the various places of Dehradun city.

is only half a kilometer far away from the Clock-Tower of Dehradun on the
Rajpur road. Park is situated just in front of Astley Hall on the main Rajpur

the ISBT bus stand, it is only 9 km far away and you can reach here only in
15-20 minutes. Dehradun Railway station is very nearest to this park and only
about 3 km far away. Jolly Grant Airport is only about 27 km far away.

can easily get a direct city bus, Vikram, and Auto for the Gandhi Park from the
railway station, ISBT, and Jolly grant airport.

City Bus service available to Gandhi Park from various routes like ISBT, DL
Road, Rajpur, Prem Nagar, and Nalapani. The city bus fare is only 10 rupees for
the park from the railway station. City bus fare will be 15-20 rupees from the
ISBT to Park.

Future Plans of Gandhi Park

Government plans to integrate Gandhi Park and Parade Ground, a large part will
be for the common people in the middle of the city. The musical fountain and colorful
lights facilities will be started in the park.

proper maintenance of the park will be given on PPP mode. A ticket house will
be built at the entrance of the park and there will be nominal entry tickets
will be charged to visitors.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • It
    is a good park for kids to elderly people to enjoy outside the house.
  • The
    most famous park of Dehradun, if you are visiting Dehradun you can visit it
  • Pets
    are not allowed now inside the park so avoid keeping with you inside the park.
  • Park is good for the people who prepare for Army Recruitment and come here to
  • Photography
    is allowed inside the park so you can take lots of selfies and photos with
    friends and family.
  • Families
    can spend quality time with their kids here and celebrate a good weekend here.
  • Become a good visitor don’t spread garbage here and there in the park and use the dustbin to keep the park neat and clean.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit from Gandhi Park

From Gandhi Park, you can visit
many nearby tourist places in Dehradun. Some of the popular nearby tourist
places are Buddha temple, Tapkeshwar Temple, Sahastradhara, Khalanga War
Memorial, and Robbers cave.

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